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We won’t ask you to prepay for the car rental. All payments are made face to face when we meet you and you see the car you are renting from us.

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We are 24/7 by your side for any help you will need or for any problem you might have.

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Stalis (aka Stalida) is situated 30km east of Heraklion and it is the link that joins Malia and Hersonissos, the younger and quieter sibling to them. It has become better known for family or couples’ holidays due to its calmer nature and Tripadvisor calls it ‘the laid-back beach town of Crete’. This also stems from its name which derives from the Greek verb ‘stalizo’ which means ‘stop to rest’ as it used to be an area of rest for shepherds and farmers moving between villages. However, this does not mean that there is less to do there for people today.

Stalis spans alongside the coastline, with the long sandy beach and many cafés, bars and restaurants to choose from. In the evenings, the main street is closed to traffic and pedestrians can wonder the shops uninterrupted by cars and bikes. There is no central square but there is a little byzantine church which dates back to 1600 for St. Ioannis (St. John), with a large courtyard and many restaurants surrounding it which resembles a village square.

For the hiking and nature enthusiasts, there is a path from Stalis up to the village of Mochos which is called ‘the Bulgarian path’ because Bulgarian prisoners built it during WWII.  In addition, for the fun-loving crowd, all the beaches have a wide variety of water-sports available.

If all this is not enough – or you don’t really feel like hiking up the trail, Apex Car Rental services are nearby to help you enjoy the island the easy way, making your holiday stress-free!

What Apex Car Rentals Offers?

Special 100% Full Insurance

We provide you Premium Insurance, with NO EXCESS & NO RISK ( FDW + CDW ), so you don’t have to worry for nothing! 24 hours road assistance is included in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

No Prepay Needed​

We won’t ask you to prepay for the car rental. All payments are made face to face when we meet you and you see the car you are renting from us.

No Hidden Extras

What you see is what you get! We are not hiding anything in the small-print and should anything extra need to be charged, you will be duly asked for your consent.

Airport Pickup & Dropoff

24hr airport pick up and drop off are available upon request when you book with us to make your trip a pleasurable and stress-free experience

Car Delivery Service

Prefer to have a vehicle brought to your doorstep? Just let us know and it can be arranged to provide you with a seamless transition from walking to driving!

Unlimited Mileage

We offer unlimited mileage on all cars in our fleet, as long as they remain on the island of Crete.